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You can view more details and pictures of the car on Autotrader. I'm in zip code 78701 to help with the search.

Miles: 14,456

I promised my wife a Tesla Model X years ago and now she is finally making me pay up. We live in a downtown condo so the car is hardly driven and garage parked. The seven-seater MDX drives/looks like new and has all of the options: Tech Package, Advance Package, Entertainment Package, and the dealer installed MDX Pro Pack, Running Boards Sport, Cargo Tray Living Hinge and Window Tint. See the pictures for the window sticker showing the factory installed options and the Delivery Confirmation showing the dealer installed options.

Buyer is more than welcomed to pick it up or we can ship it to you (buyer pays actual shipping costs).

We bought the vehicle brand new in October 2014 so the 4yr/50k mile ltd vehicle warranty is no longer valid, but the 6yr/70k mile powertrain warranty should still be in effect for one more year. We haven't had any issues with it and currently do not, but happy to take it to a mechanic to do an inspection so the buyer feels satisfied.

If you click on the AutoCheck history, you'll see a "No Air Bag Deployed" accident and if you scroll down you'll see it describes it as "left front impact with a parked vehicle." We were parked on the street and a truck hit us as a few miles per hour. It was minor damage to the front driver's fender so it was replaced. It also shows we have a lien on the vehicle, but that is paid off so the title is in hand.

The pics I just took of the car are without it being detailed or thoroughly washed, but hopefully gives a good idea of the condition. You can also see a pic showing the tires still have wear remaining. There is one minor door ding that I tried to show in the back right panel, but I don't even think it showed up on the pic...really hard to see. Also, three of the rims have scuff marks which are hard to see in the pics as they are minor as well.
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