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Now that the new 2014 Lexus IS has hit the market, the Japanese automaker is working on the Lexus IS-F Coupe, and AutoGuide’s spy photographers have just spotted one testing.

Cosmetic changes given to the IS-F include a more aggressive looking front end that includes large air intakes on the front corners. The grille insert is also new, and there is even a small hood scoop on this specific test car. The rear gets the same treatment, sporting wider fenders, a small pop-up spoiler and the signature quad, vertically stacked tail pipes.

New multi-spoke wheels sit on this test car as well, along with large slotted brake rotors complete with large calipers.

What will arrive under the hood of the IS-F is still a mystery, but a report that surfaced last week suggests the car will ditch its current 5.0-liter V8 because it would not meet Euro6 emissions standards. Both turbocharged and naturally aspirated engine options are being considered, though the report claims that Junichiro Furuyuma, chief designer for the new IS is leaning towards a naturally-aspirated powerplant.

That 5.0-liter engine made 416 hp in the old IS F, while the new car is expected to make in the neighborhood of 450 hp.
See more spy photos of the 2015 Lexus IS-F Coupe at
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