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A decade ago, the thought of a direct comparison between entry-level sedans from Acura and Mercedes… well… to be honest it just wouldn’t have made sense.

Fast forward by a little more than 10 years and we’ve got a real dogfight on our hands.

See here’s the thing, back in 2004 – the model year for the TSX – Acura was selling front-wheel drive cars with admirable driving dynamics, stupendous transmissions and high-revving Honda V-TEC engines.

As much fun as they were, there still wasn’t any masking the gap between Acura’s cars and what you could get from the Germans. I mean we’re talking rear-wheel drive, smoother engines and inexplicably, a telephone number pad.

Of course, the big one there is rear-wheel drive and up until 2014, every Mercedes product you could buy in America powered the rear axle first.
Compare the 2015 Mercedes CLA 250 vs Acura ILX at
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