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I took the TLX to Mid-Ohio for my first track session and had a lot of fun but after had some issues with transmission temps and brake fade. This is my 'daily driver' but this was fun and I would like to repeat the experience with better results plus not hurt the car. I run 19" summer only 40 profiles on the car in the warm months. The car handled well and more than kept up with others out there with the exception of two points.

My instructor and I made the decision to limit the back straight speed to 110 [rather than 125-130] to save the brakes as the peddle got soft after slowing on from this straight for the 90 degree "madness" section of the series and not having full brakes during the next turn series.
With these strategy, we made it through the day but the stock pads are near their end and the rotors are glazed and have score marks. The pedal stiffened back up as long as I didn't build too much heat. The manual specifies Acura heavy duty DOT 3 fluid then says that only DOT 3 or DOT 4 are acceptable while DOT 5 is not compatible.
I'm looking for suggestions for pads, rotors, fluid that may help.

As I got faster through the the circuit in my third, fourth and fifth 20 minute lapping session. On the third or fourth lap of these sessions the 'transmission temperature too hot' warning illuminated and I had to go easy on the downshifts and acceleration on the next three laps of each of these sessions to keep the temp warning light off but acceleration lagged after the initial illumination in these sessions. The 'stop driving - transmission temperature hot' warning did not illuminate.
I was running in the 'sport plus' mode and let the car pick most of the shift points but downshifted on the long straight to save the brakes and also prior to corner exits. The owners manual requires ATF type 3.0 fluid. Is there a transmission cooler for the TLX SHAWD or a different fluid that might allow cooler operation? The manual also suggests not to attempt to check the fluid level or change it yourself. The transmission seems fine and is shifting fine back on the road but I'd like to get a whiff of the fluid to see how bad it is cooked.

Still have a grin on my face from getting a chance to run better than a boxter, s2000 and keep up with an M5.
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