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My 2016 TLX recently had some damage done to the side moulding under the passenger side doors. The textured portion has been pushed in about 4 inches, from mid-passenger front door to mid-passenger backseat door. Fortunately the doors were (somehow) untouched, and besides the popped tire there was no other damage. (Yes, I hit a monster curb on a right turn - I still haven't forgiven myself).

The paint on the damaged area is now starting to flake off and rust. My question is, is it even possible to fix this, if so how, will it set me back thousands, is it worth it, etc. etc. I will be taking it to a body shop for a quote, but being a 25 y/o totally uninformed female, thought I'd see if any of you Acura experts might impart some information.

Thank you!
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