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I have a 2018 RDX because I wanted the 3.5l v6 engine that is tried and true in honda/acura vehicles. I have experienced a "very intermittent" Transmission problem where the vehicle will begin in 3rd gear and after getting up to speed and when shifting into 4th, it feels like a car hit your vehicle from the rear end it shifts so hard on each ensuing shift to a higher gear.
I cannot change the gears with the paddle shifters.
When I move the shift lever to manual gear selection, it does not function nor do the paddle shifters function while attempting to drive it in in manual mode.
I have been able to pull over, turn the vehicle off, and it seems as though the electronics system communicating with the tranny, "reboots" and then the car runs perfectly again.

I have experienced this 4 times in the 17 months I have had the vehicle. I have taken it into the dealership and of course, cannot replicate the problem while at the dealership.
It is my sense that this hard shifting will certainly damage the transmission if it happens again or more frequently in the future. At this point it seems that my only option is to but the extended warranty with the hope that when the transmission is finally damaged enough that it needs replacement it will be under the extended warranty.

Does anybody have an idea of the cause of this intermittent transmission malfunction?
I am having the EXACT same issue. I was able to get it to the dealership during one of these more frequently occuring episodes, be was told that it was my own "lack of suggested maintenance" that caused it. They really tried to tell me that my transmission fluid had not been changed, (mind you the vehicle had 50,000 miles and I had only had it for 6 months,) and the fluid was SO THICK AND BURNT that it was a miracle I'd not had more problems. Acura said they would get back to me about covering the cost, which they didn't, and i paid almost $500 for a "transmission fluid flush". Fast forward 2 weeks and it's happening again, just as severe, and more frequently. Acura again said my call was "of the highest priority", but the case manager never seems to be working and still hasn't called me back to address this. I have made it clear on all FIVE CALLS TO ACURA CUSTOMER RELATIONS THAT THIS IS GOING TO GET ME KILLED, and they couldn't seem to care less. I need help! Ugh.
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