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245 tires

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Just wanted to let everyone know, I'm running 245/35-19's in the rear.
I had to cut the plastic tabs, but otherwise no problems. Heavy cornering
with 4 people still didn't rub. If I roll the fenders it looks as if I'll have
room to go 255/35-19 if I wanted. But, thats a bit too much rubber.

Wheels are 47 offset. When I get a chance to replace my scrached
up rim I think I'll make the rears 19x8.5. The dough I was gonna use
to get a digi cam I used to replace my blown tire... so you all just have
to wait to see. But, 245s looks good... Oh and they're s03 pole positions.

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damn closer, your ride is clean son really surprised you have that much room...i hate hearing scrubbing sounds from the rear, that's why I sold my rims...i wouldn't mind getting 19X8's with 245's on all fours:eek:...Shyne:king:
oh and how do you know they will have a 19X8.5 in the same offset...can you use the center piece and replace the outer lip...isn't that how 3piece rims work??? Shyne:king:
Wow, you actually went w/ the bigger tires. I wanted to get the so3s too, but for some reason they said that the 235/35/19 size tires were discontinued even though it hadn't even came out yet. Oh well, let's see some pic asap.
Hey Closer,

What kind of Spring/Coilover do you have? What's the drop amount??
I've never heard of anyone putting wider wheels on a front wheel drive car.... So... How did the handling change?? Are the wheels width sizes the same b/w front and rear currently??

Pls post pix!
Well, on occasion I get a little rubbing from the rear. But, that
was with 4 guys in the car and hard cornering with slight bump.
While its super rare, I do rub a bit. I checked the clearance in the
front. 235 is as wide as I can go in the front. With 235 I'm very
close to the strut, so 245 would certainly make it undrivable. I
could lower the offset, but then I'm guarenteed to rub the front
fenders so I'll have to stay where I'm at. I know traffic star
makes a 19x8.5 in a 53 offset. So in the rear I could have
another quarter inch in lip. May not sound like much but I think it
would look noticable. btw, I have comptech springs and the
wider tires are on the rear. So no traction improvement. But
the S0/3's do ride better than my yokohamas even though I have
only replaced the rears so far. I hope they decide to release the
235/35 S0/3's.

I'm working on getting myself a digi cam. I'm in serious waste
money mode again... :( I may have to force myself to wait on this...
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how would the car look with rolled fenders, does it stick out like a one of those GT cars? does anyone have a picture a their or someone elses car with rolled fenders?
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