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2TL ADV Heated Driver Seat

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I want to give a preface before describing my issue.
I have had this car for around 1yr. It has been dependable except for the front seats. This is the Advanced trim model with heated/ventilated front seats. Both ventilated portions of the seat basically disintegrated into little pieces leaving the ventilated comb and rendering it useless. These were painstakingly re wrapped with a silicon sheet and silicone glue and refitted.

The heated seat pad sits on top of this ventilated seat membrane. The heated pad itself has holes cut in it to allow air to be drawn out by an upper and lower seat fan.

Both heat and ventilated seat work properly on the passenger seat. My issue is the Driver side seat. This Acura model has a digital switch controlling the heat with three leds which match the heat level. When depressing the switch, it lights up and immediately turns off. This appears to be a defective heated seat pad with a broken trace. after physically observing the heat wires and also doing a continuity test with a meter, everything "appears" ok.

I did replace the driver side switch to rule that out. My next step is to replace the bottom heated pad, but cannot locate a seat pad that fits 1: A ventilated seat and 2. Has the proper connector. There are a number of supply houses that look like they use the same database and display that the seat pad fits. The connector is not compatible and it is not made for ventilated seats. The part order was 81534-TK4-A11
Enclosed are a few photos of the correct and incorrect connectors.

Needless to say, I need help with 1. The correct part number for a heated seat pad with ventilation and any advise.

My next step is to install and connect the passenger in the driver side to potentially rule out the wiring. And to clarify, the digital switched have unique connectors so that type of testing is out.

Thanks again


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