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I got this in the mail today (I own a 1990 300ZX n/a 2+2) I filled out a form at the dealers about a year ago because i was really looking at the Z and I guess I guess Nissan kept me on their list
Because you've expressed interest in the new Z®, here's
another Z® you're going to want to know about: the one,
the only 2003 Nissan 350ZTM, VIN #000001, that's being
auctioned for charity on eBay.

The auction runs from August 19 to August 29 at
Come August 30, some very lucky, highly-envied bidder will
be the owner of a vehicle worthy of the most distinguished
car collections in the world, with the VIN# to prove it.

Starting right now, you can warm up for the auction by
visiting and checking out this very special Z®.
Once the auction starts on the 19th, be sure to check
back often to see where the bidding stands. Perhaps
even make a bid of your own.

Either way, you'll be a part of history.

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Nissan trademarks. ©2002 Nissan North America, Inc.
eBay and the eBay logo are trademarks of eBay Inc.

In the future, if you do not wish to receive e-mails from
Nissan, just click here and unsubscribe by submitting the
e-mail address you want to have removed from our list.
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