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Sold my TL-s a few years ago, found this in my garage on cleanout, never installed.

I removed it from the original box and put it in a plastic bin, and it has been there for 4+ years, but all original packaging.

Trailer hitch for a TL, should fit 04-09. Requires you to drill the frame. Hooks to the rear tow hook, and on the outside on the frame rails. All bolts and hardware are included. You drill on the both sides for a bolt and use 2 bolts and plates to hold it to the tow hook. Rated for 1500 lbs if my memory serves, I was going to pull a small trailer with 2 motorcycles. Would be perfect to put a bicycle mount, etc on or tow a small trailer, which is about all you want to do with a TL.

Make me an offer. Its large, long, and heavy. Will probably cost me 35-50 to ship it depending on the distance from Northern California.
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