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6 speed Maxima SE review

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I drove a 6 speed SE with leather but no navi today. Nice car. The shifter wasn't as smooth as the CL's but I could easily live with it. It has a ring around the shifter that you have to lift to hit reverse so there's no chance of hitting reverse by accident. I wish the CL had that. The newbie salesman had to ask a service guy how to get it into reverse. I like the CL's clutch a lot better. Much smoother. The Maxima's had some strange clicking along the travel. The Maxima's engine is very nice. Lots of torque. But I'd have a hard time giving up VTEC. Nothing like hitting 5k and watching all the other cars suddenly appear to jump backward. :D The seats are not bad, but ours are WAY better. We have much better side bolstering. The suspension in the Maxima felt much harsher. Going over speed bumps was much more jarring that in my CL-S. There's times when an extra set of doors and a fold down seat would come in real handy. PLEASE, Acura, stick a 6 speed and fold down seat on the TL-S and you'll have a buyer.
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Good review!!

I agree about the seats.
My clutch doesn't have any strange clicking though. It's just a little tighter than a 6spd CL.
I also agree that the suspension is a little harsher in the Max, but not as harsh as a CL-S with springs/sways.
Are they still using i-beam axle at the rear for the new Max?
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