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7443 bulbs

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I been looking around for 7443 bulbs in the color amber. Every place i checked seemed not to carry the bulbs. Does anyone know if they even make amber 7443 bulbs. And if so do you know where i can order/pick up the bulbs from. Thanks for your help....
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hi. what do you need the 7443 to be amber for? the turn signals are 7440 both front and back
i converted the front 7440 to 7443 since 7440 are not constant and are single filament. 7443 are double filament and this is what i used to make my whole bumper light constant and blink brighter when i put my turn signal on.....
o thats a cool idea :) why not just get super white lights instead of amber? u can get those pretty easily
i got hyper whites already.....wanna try give my car a jdm look at night......i got the jdm lip, and jdm headlights......the grill and clear bumper lights are not jdm....but at night you won't be able to telll
Everything on my car is on hold.......where do i begin
jdm lights-parking light is a different diameter so mike is looking on how to get the correct bulb for me from japan
front lip-finish being painted but the grill is not so i am waiting for the grill to finish and the stock sideskirts to be painted
Koni struts-the wrong ones got sent to me
groundcontrols-should be arriving any day now
Rims-my c2's just got powdercoated black but i am running out of money for tires=(....sorry for all the delays i'll find a way to let you guys see my ugly car........
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