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It took me 2 years to find this car. I was looking all over the state (of Texas) and found it one morning in the town next door.

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Sedan Full-size car

I've done a little work on it, but since a resent court decision about E-15, I'm now concerned the engine might get ruined, but I'm going to continue to do some things on it and hope I'm not forced to find out if E-15 ruins the cylinder walls.

I'm working in West Texas and purchased it to drive to the Gulf Coast a couple times per year. It's got about 150k miles. I think I was fortunate to get it for $500, and have spent another 1500 on it. Windshield, wheels and wing, high-flow exhaust, cold air induction, Bosche coil, igniters, wires and plugs. It gets 29 mpg at 83 mph. I'm thrilled the speed limit across TX is 80. I planned to paint it, but am not sure about spending much more with E-15 coming....and that a lot of work too.

This is a great little car and loves to go a long way at 80+. I hope I can keep it a long time.
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