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1991 Integra LS
Cel 1 - Check engine light O2 Sensor on.

Ok so if you watch the video here you will see it looks like the ECU is reporting Code 1 or it could be code 10??]91 Integra LS cel code 1 - YouTube
Also you will notice there is some smoke that comes out normally more then in the video the car is running RICH it seems to smell like gas from the exhaust.

I replaced the O2 Sensor today and reset the ECU - then after 30 minutes the ECU started reporting CODE 1 again…

Little background on the car it used to be my 17 year old brothers but it got stolen.

Once the police found it - The ECU was taken and the intake and wheels and tires and radio ripped out as well..
I bought a new ECU the same one that goes in the car, I bought a new intake and installed it correctly (I believe) and left the radio out.

Here is pictures of the engine bay and the intake that I installed.

The problem could be anywhere in the car since it was stolen I don't know what else could have been fucked with..

Any help? ideas? My mom gave me the car because she was going to junk it but I decided to take it off her hands for free so here I am trying to get the check engine light off so I can SMOG the car and take ownership of it.
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