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Hi all, I'm new to the forums, been searching but haven't quite found my exact problem. I just bought this 94 Integra LS on the 6th and just last Wednesday it shut off while going 70mph on the freeway. I did have electrical power, just no engine power. the maintenance light was on, but no CEL, until it came on with all the other lights when the vehicle lost power. I got it re-started immediately and got back on the freeway, only to have it shut right back off. This time it wouldn't start right away, and after sitting for about 5 minutes, it started back up. I once again got back on the freeway and it went less than a mile before shutting off on the off ramp. I got to work, parked it for 8.5 hours, then came out to go home, left for home and about 20 minutes into my drive, my car shut off again. It started right back up, and I was able to drive the other 10 minutes home.
I didn't drive the car Thursday, Friday (yesterday) is my day off so I came out and checked all the fluids, took it for an oil change and had them replace the battery terminals because I had an issue with it not starting previously due to loose terminals, and I didn't replace them that day because it was snowing badly, then I just forgot. Car drove there and back fine, about 30 mins round trip. Last night, I went to get my hair cut, got on the freeway and drove about 15 minutes there, off the freeway and parked. Spent about 45 minutes inside, came out and started driving to the store, got about 10 mins down the road and the car shut off as I was turning in to the parking lot. Was in the store for about 10, came out and car wouldn't start. waited about 10 more, started and I headed out the parking lot home. didn't even get 1000 feet before the car shut off again, tried starting it a few times and finally got it started, (I'm in the middle of the road at this point) drove toward the next business inlet and got in the center lane, it turned off again. After a few times trying got it started once more and as I was turning into the business it turned off once more. I sat there for about 5 minutes trying to start it before someone came and helped push it into the parking lot all the way. I called for my uncle to come tow me, and sat there about 25 mins waiting for him to get there. I didn't try starting it, just waited. Once he got there I had him listen for the fuel pump, it was priming and every time I tried starting the car after it shut off I heard the main relay clicking, heard the fuel pump prime, and it would turn over, just not start. When my uncle was there I tried starting it, it started right away and I drove it 20 mins home.
Again, I'm not getting a CEL at all.
I just had it in at the dealer on the 7th to get the valves adjusted, the car has a new water pump. I am thinking its my ICM or coil, but I don't know how to test them, and really don't have a lot of tools. Sorry for the book, but I just wanted to give all the info possible so that maybe it would be easier to diagnose. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer, this is my first acura, so I'm learning right now and anything would be very much appreciated. Thanks again,
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