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98 Acura CL AC problem also

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Hello. I own a 1998 Acura CL, 4 CYL, 5 spd. I had recently replaced the radiator fan relay located near the firewall located under the hood in a fuse box. When I put the new relay in, I noticed I kept blowing fuses for the module that contolls my heater /AC / fan / Defroster which is built in the dash. After blowing 3 fuses, I replaced the fuses and then bought another fan relay direct from the Honda facotry. Everything worked fine after that. Im assuming the girl at advance auto gave me the wrong fan relay. Radiator fan kicks on now when the car gets hot AND no fuses are blowing.
At this time, I noticed that everything works as far as the defrsoter /heater/ fan..... but the AC will not work. (Prior to all this, my AC was functioning normally. When I would put the AC on, the AC light would turn green and I would hear the compressor kick on.) Whats happening now is, when you push the AC button the, green light does not come on, warm air comes out of the vents. The compressor does not kick on and the 2radiator fans do not come on like they should when you put the AC on. My mechanic checked the 2 relays by the drivers side front right near the radiator. Those are good. There is freon and the AC is charged when he tested that. All fuses were tested checked and are good. He was able to get the compressor to work and the AC worked when he jumped it with a wire. He mentioned that it could be my computer ECU. Maybe something was damaged when I was blowing fuses ? Anyone have any suggestions or experienced this issue ? Any help would be greatly apreciated. Thanks !
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