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i recently purchased the 99 acura RL. Im excited about it because i love the car. it has 156,000 miles on it but it purrs. the timing belt , drive belt, and water pump were each changed at 101,000 miles. The check engine light is on and i had it checked at advanced and they said it was the egr valve.

things i am planning to do include:
flushing the radiator fluid
flushing the power steering fluid
changing the air filters in the engine and in the cabin
changing out the thermostat
changing the pcv valve
cleaning out the egr valve pipe of carbon and change egr gasket
changing the transmission fluid and trans filter
changing the fuel filter
and possibly flushing the brake fluid
adding an isimple kit for ipod integration in bose system

i have downloaded the manual already for the vehicle. (thank you for that).

my questions include:

1.there are three hoses on the 99 RL's power steering reservoir, two right next to each other of equal diameter, and one below and to the left (closer to passenger side when facing the engine) of the other two. Which one of these hoses is the return hose to remove in order to flush the power steering fluid. I have perused the forum and get conflicting answers, and the picture in the manual is not clear as to which is the return hose.

2.ive read a few diy topics on removing and cleaning the egr valve hose thingy that gets clogged up with carbon deposits. I wanted to know when you remove this pipe, how do you actually get inside of it to clean it? i dont get it. like a flexible bristle brush or something of the sort or what? one of the suggestions was to clean the hole in the intake manifold where the pipe connects to with a drill bit of some sort? i mean is that safe? just any size regular drill bit that you use to make holes in the wall etc?

3.what are some other things i can do in order to get better fuel economy on the vehicle besides the things ive listed? of the topics included removal of the fuel filter. it is pretty thorough i think but i havent tried it yet, but how tight are you supposed to screw the screws back if you dont have a torque wrench? i want to make sure fuel doesnt leak.

5.THe tcs light is constantly on, on the dash of the vehicle. it never goes off and the button to the left of the steering wheel doesnt change it or do anything. I read something about checking the 15A fuse or something under the hood which i have yet to do but i figure i would ask here maybe someone has some other pointers or things i can check or do in order to fix the issue or get to the bottom of it. i really doubt it is the fuse because how often does a fuse really go, it has got to be something else.

7.radiator flush remove radiator cap, stopcock, flush the system, then put stop cock back on and then when refilling the coolant which is supposed to be a mix of 50% distilled water and coolant loosen the bleeder bolt located next to the thermostat housing under the acura engine cover thingy closer to me when facing the engine, correct? and then when coolant starts leaking out of it without bubbles tighten it back up and make sure to fill coolant to lip of radiator. is that correct? i read people had some problems when they filled their radiator because they didn't bleed it correctly so i need to make sure.

Thank you guys for all your help, without forums such as this i dont know what i would do. Thank you.

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The fuel filter is easy to change. I just did mine a few weeks ago and it was the original with about 170k miles on it. Thought someone would have changed it in the past but they didn't. Just tighten everything really good and it wont leak. No need to put your weight into it because then you will over tighten it. You will know its tight enough once you have to start putting some umph behind it then stop.

The service manual will tell you exactly how to do everything except cleaning the egr valve. Just follow it for flushing fluids and you will not have a problem.
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