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First things first, its VTEC not VTECH.....unless you have a phone where your engine is supposed to be.
Second, Welcome to AW!:wavey:

Alright now that we got that all sorted out lets get down to business.....

You'd need to buy....

B16, GSR, ITR....any B series Vtec head.
LS-Vtec conversion kit.
B series Vtec oil pump.
B series Vtec water pump.
GSR timing belt.
Intake manifold if the head did not come with one.
Vtec ECU. (P28, P72, PR3, P30, etc.) just make sure if your cars OBD1 then to get an OBD1 ECU, or whichever OBD your car is.
Vtec distributor.
Vtec Head bolts.

The LS-Vtec kit includes the following:
1. Oil Sandwich Plate with a -6AN fitting for the plate and head.
2. -6AN steel braided hose for oil supply.
3. Dowel pins for proper alignment of the head and block.
4. 1/8 NPT tap and plug for the oil port in the head.
5. Head gasket.

Im pretty sure thats everything you need to buy to do it, i could be forgetting something so im sorry if i left out something.....its 6AM and havent been to bed yet haha.

Now to make the change your gonna need to pull your LS head off with the intake manifold, pull the oil pump & water pump, and the oil filter as well. (TECHNICALLY you dont have to change oil & water pumps but id recommend you do as the LS oil pump flows less oil and a Vtec head needs more oil flow.) Once thats complete you will need to tap the oil passage on the bottom of the Vtec head and screw in the plug supplied in the Vtec kit. Make sure the plug goes in far enough that it sits below the mating surface of the head.
Now you can install the oil sandwich plate, oil filter, oil feed line, oil pump, and water pump. Next you can install the dowel pins into the block towards the intake side and set the head gasket on. Now you can put the head on and torque it down, once torqued hook up the oil feed line to the head on the intake side.
Once done, bolt up the intake manifold, install the cams, distributor, timing belt, valve cover, and ECU. Now you need to run the Vtec wire to the ECU and your done.

ALSO - If you buy a ECU that is not chipped/socket-ed then you will need to go have it socket-ed and chipped. You can run the ECU without it being chipped and socket-ed but you will be loosing HP unless its chipped.
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