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A/C Defrost will not turn on

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2005 Acura TL
I removed the battery to replace a bad starter. The battery was removed for just about 24 Hours. Put everything back together. Everything works with the acception of the following.
A/C will not turn on. Defrost will not turn on. Heat will not turn on. Power mirrors will not operate from the control on the dashboard. However they do move when you hit seat memory.
I realize now I should not have let the battery out for that long. Is there a fix other than taking it to the Dealer?
This is not a Coolant issue.
Is this an ECU/ECM issue?

One other thing. Twice now I went to start the car and it acted like a dead battery as far as the starter working. Click, click, then nothing. Then it cranks fine and starts.
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Sorry to hear your issues. Check your fuses first..
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