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A/C Filter Replacement!

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I was wondering if anyone could assist me in replacing my A/C filter and tell me where to purchase one???
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They are $16.24 for a pair of them at

I explained how to change them out on this thread:

I just didn't feel like typing it in again...

let me help you :)

On the 2002, you have to remove the glove box. Once you do that, there is a snap on vertical strip which is the access for the filters.

Removing the glove box is pretty easy.

1. Remove the shock-looking thing on the right side of the G.B.
2. Remove the two top rollers (which also limit travel on the opening of the glove box).
3. Remove the two bottom screws on the box
4. Remove the box itself
5. Cut out the plastic section with a scissors (or something else)
6. Pop off the cover and take out the filters

After this, I popped the cover back on to do my Lysol treatment (spray into vent intake, fan on high, temp on 60, A/C off). While the filters were out, I sprayed Lysol on them as well.

Then... I reassembled everything.
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rominl said:
let me help you :)
Thanks, rominl. I guess I'm getting lazy in my old age.... :-/
fla-tls said:
Thanks, rominl. I guess I'm getting lazy in my old age.... :-/
haha no i didn't mean that. i am old too. i just don't feel like having people clicking :) specially when it's to the other site? hehe j/k :)
Thanx for your help TLers!:bigok:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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