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been member quite some time ... with posts etc. but suddenly system would not let me sign in ... nor would it let me retrieve user name and password info. tried every which way. I gave up.
Then, some days later, I wanted to get back on the forum and realized the only way to do it is sign up for a new registration.
So here I am, having to go to a seldom-used email account to retrieve any messages generated by this account, and having to remember yet another password.
This stinks, I'll tell you !!
There should at least be a way of contacting an administrator with problems like this, but even for that you need to enter the Human Verification process, and that was one of the errors hold it all up. kept getting error msg: "The string you entered for the image verification did not match what was displayed." and so couldn't even contact anyone.

okay; I'm still "p-o'd" but here I am, ready to proceed anew. thanks.
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