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if u see these, have each speed sensor tested for ohm resistance by plugging out sensor wire and testing this only....

open circuits or irregular readings suggest bad sensor so just change the one that is faulty

i recently went to my acura dealer in mississauga and was told their dtc showed i needed 3 sensors for a cost of 1200 plus tax !!!
i suspected i was being lied to so i googled and researched and found an auto electronics diagnosis specialist (DANMAX) in mississauga who identified the left rear sensor as the only faulty one and they changed it for 370 plus tax !! car works fine now .... beware false diagnosis from even your regular acura dealer !!!
u can contact me for more details and proof via this forum !!
i felt obliged to share my experience... btw i bought this car in 1998 from this same acura dealer brand new and have been a loyal customer since for most of my maintenance..... but NO MORE... caveat emptor !
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