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2000 RL
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2000 Acura RL
Started the car Saturday morning after it sat a day (hot, humid, and a little rain). Within 100 ft the ABS, VSA, and <!> lights came on. No noticeable performance change. Turn the car off, back on, the lights went away for a few minutes, then all back on.

Hooked up my handy dandy code reader, no codes.

Took a paper clip to the SCS service connector, no flashes.

Sometimes, the lights come on as soon as the ignition comes on. Sometimes they go off for a few minutes before coming on.

I put a smidge of brake fluid in, the lights went off for a few minutes. I parked on an incline, the lights went away for a few seconds...

I'm running low on ideas. Any ideas?

Got the ABS code 1-7, so wheel sensor. Anyone know which wheel it is?
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