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I have been following this forum but I never posted...
It's very sad that my first post is for notify the theft of my loved car... That I only own since one month ago...

My car was stolen very close to the nightclub Mighty San Francisco: 119 Utah St,San Francisco, CA 94103.

The theft occurred the day: 12/06/2015 1:30 AM approximately.

I entered the disco at 1 AM and when I came back at 2 AM the car wasn't there...

There was no rests of broken window in the place where the car was parked.

The description of the car is:

Plate: 6VDS227
Color: White
Model: ACURA CL 2001 3.2 S-Type
Interior: Black Leather.

I already reported the police and I don't know what more I could do... I am desperate that was my only one car and I loved it.

Do anybody have any recommendation? Or something I could do?

If any body knows something about the car, please message me.

Best Regards.
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