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I just bought an Acura EL 1.7 2003 automatic transmission and has the engine light with code P0401 which is for EGR insufficient flow. This is my first automatic vehicle, and also the first car with cruise control so not very familiar with the behavior. It literally struggles going uphill and has to downshift a lot. For example, I was on a highway at 90 KMPH and reached a slight uphill section. It downshifted to third and was struggling to reach 90. Next time I used cruise control to see how it keeps up the speed and it had to downshift to 2nd with the RPM hovering at 4500 and was able to stay at 90. Other than this, the car idles and runs great and on straight roads, the acceleration appears fine. Is this normal behavior for EL with 4-speed transmission? If not, can this be related to P0401?
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