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Team Honda Research – West will be heading to this year’s 25 Hours of Thunderhill race with a pair of Acura ILX race cars, working in conjunction with Honda Performance Development and Solo Motorsports.

THR-W, consisting solely of Honda associates, is the officially sanctioned employee road-racing team of Honda R&D in Los Angeles. Its racing efforts are worked on as an after-hours activity, and the team chose the 25 Hours of Thunderhill endurance race to show off the teamwork, strategy, and durability that is required to succeed.

Since the new ILX is built in Indiana, THR-W is able to work closely with the factory and local development experts on the race campaign. The team took delivery of a pair of brand new ILXs built to specifications for THR-W and Honda Performance Development. Solo Motorsports has already pitched in with bespoke CAD-designed roll cages in both chassis which are now in HRA Los Angeles.
Read the complete story and see more photos of the Acura ILX Race Car at
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