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Acura RDX 2009

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Hi everybody! Im from Russia. We bought Acura RDX 2009 (Technology Package). Its from Texas. This car is beautiful. But we have already problems with it. We havent got the Owners Manual for this car. There is only one key for it and its not a problem at all, to my mind. But we hadnt any codes for its Navigation sistem and radio. Now I recieved them and we are happy. But it took us a lot of time. And now we have another problem. We need to clean the right headlight. As I know we need to remove the front bamper, but we dont know how to do it. If anybody knows help us, please. May be somebody has photoes of this process or some pictures with instructions. It will be Great! There are many clips in it(bumper) and screws. It will be better to look at the pictures, because Im afraid to damage the bumper or clips. Sorry for my English. Thanks.
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u can find the owner manuel for 10$ on ebay
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