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Hi i plan to buy 1 acura rlx and import it to my country, but since i have never seen such petrol car and model due to the fact that ACURA doesnt exist in BG.
Can someone tell me is Acura RLX 3.5 petrol for example year 2014-2015 pure petrol engine not hybrid is the engine direct injection or ?
I would also need engine code if possible, is this engine with combined injection of fuel for example lexus/toyota have simular engine 3.5 petrol but they use 2 times more injectors for example for v6 they use 12 injectors and make the car ultra complicate, since i will be far away from USA and Canada and i must wait a lot of time for parts i dont want Ultra complicated car such as hybrid or ultra complicated petrol car which no one understands please if someone is aware of the engine please tell me i want to know does the engine have only 6 engines or its like lexus/toyota with 12 and combined fuel injection...

I am asking because in europe we install in our cars LPG- gas so i am not sure if that model acura is suitable for lpg...
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