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Hi guys! New to the forum. I checked the RDX posts but saw no entries regarding ski racks.
I have a '15 RDX and am curious what other owners are using for ski racks for their RDX's. I investigated the Acura system last year which seemed quite nice but given it was just two of us going to ski usually, we simply put the skis and poles inside (with the second row seats down) but if four of us go, a roof rack will be obligatory.
Any and all thoughts/experiences will be appreciated!
BTW, my local dealer (Courtesy Acura in Littleton, CO) had Blizaks on RDX take off wheels which I purchased last November. A superb investment at ~$1700 given new OEM wheels would have been around $2300 plus the cost of snow tires. If you live in snow country, forget the "all season" tires and protect yourself and your investment with proper snow tires.
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