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Date: December 07, 2009 15:05
Submitted by: Jeff
Source: Anonymous
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According to sources, Acura dealers are being told that going forward, Acura will be abandoning the "Tier 1" initiative. The new focus is said to be "Smart Luxury".
* The dealers have been told that the NSX replacement is no longer in a holding pattern - it's pretty much dead for good.

* The next RL will be a hybrid, and there is virtually zero chance of seeing a V8.

* Acura is developing a new V6 series as the J-series has reached its limits

* Acura is working on a smaller entry level vehicle that will slot in below the TSX, though the timetable is unknown (Editor's note: if it's been planned and approved, then it should join the lineup within 3 years)
* Acura is currently mum on any diesel plans​

TOV Commentary

Following the meetings I attended in October with Honda CEO Takanobu Ito and Executive Vice President Koichi Kondo, none of this information comes as a surprise. In fact, following our Tokyo Q&A session, the only conclusion that one could take from Ito-san's comments was that Acura's previously stated "Tier 1" initiatives were completely incompatible with his plans for Honda going forward, and that they would be changing. Now, with according to this source these changes are beginning to be communicated to the dealer body. It is my understanding that Acura is not planning a press conference for the Detroit Auto Show, so it will be interesting to see how long it takes for them to formulate a message to present to the public.​


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That's too bad the new NSX is dead. That is good they are making a new v6 family. But I still love my C-series V6. Wonderful engine.
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