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I bought a used ACURA TL th 122K miles.
I live in Texas, where some of the roads have only one lane - each way. That being said, I find the light from my headlights, WOEFULLY INADEQUATE, when driving at night.

My questions:

1. Can I install an extra set of headlights - if so, which one would you suggest?

2. Do the bulbs need to be replaced (They are in perfect working condition), should I replace these with a higher intensity bulbs?

Any advice in this are will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance
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The issue that you run into with installing bulbs of higher intensity is heat dissipation. While you might be able to purchase bulbs of a higher wattage, you have to be careful about potentially melting the housings. As well, higher wattage puts additional load on the igniter and control unit, thereby limiting their lifespan, or potentially causing issues.

I'd simply search around online. There's really nothing I can recommend in this instance.
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