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Hi everyone,

Last night my girlfriend and I had been running errands, and we stopped at the store to pick something up real quick. We parked in the 20 minute parking and ran into the store. Upon returning to the car, I discovered that it would not start. The Car turned on (stereo, AC ect...) but would not start. When I turn the ignition, I can hear a very faint hum, but that is it. The engine does not attempt to turn over like it would if the battery were just dead. We decided to wait 5 minutes and then try again, still nothing. Finally, I conceded to the fact my car was dead and we called my girlfriend mom to pick us up. Because we were parked in a short term spot and did not want the car to get towed, we put the car into neutral and pushed it into a non short-term spot. Once we had it settled into a spot, I decided to try it one more time. To my surprise it worked.

At this point, we drove the car home and parked in the garage. (about 20 miles) Turned the car off and went in inside. Before going to bed, I tried to start the car once more and found that it turned over fine.

Fast forward to this morning. I wake up and first thing I do is go to the car to see if it would turn on, which it did. As result, my girlfriend left to work and I continued to get ready. Once I was ready, I went out to the car and found the same issue as last night. Again, there is full power going to the car, but it just wont engage the starter. Thinking back to last night, I tried taking off the break and shifting the car into neutral and pushing it out of my garage into my drive way. I then pushed it back into my garage and tried starting it. Worked fine. Not wanting to risk getting stranded at the office, I decided to work from home today which brings me to you good people.

I would like to see if anyone has seen similar issues and what the suggested resolution is? My gut feeling is that this is a starter issue. But because the car was working like a charm without fault before last night, I am thinking maybe it is something different.

Anyways, any helpful advice anyone can provide will be greatly appreciate.

Please note I am by no means a car expert, so please be as detailed as you can when describing any trouble shooting actions.

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