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If you drive a 2007-08 Acura TL and suddenly it seems harder to steer than it was before, or if smoke starts coming from under the hood, stop driving and call a tow truck because your repairs are probably free.

Now that the obvious is out of the way, here’s what’s going on: the automaker is recalling 52,615 of its TL sedans because a power steering hose might burst and cause, well, the steering it powers to be less responsive. The smoke and fire, scary as it certainly would be for most drivers, would most likely be less dangerous than it initially could seem.

That’s because it wouldn’t be from catastrophic engine failure — just some fluid burning and making a mess.

There haven’t been any reported injuries as a result of the defect, but the company is issuing a voluntary recall that will start in mid June. Owners can expect to be notified by mail, but can look for more information by clicking here.
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I have a 2005 TL spec 5, 6 speed and when it's cold the power steering is noisy and the noise gets louder when I'm turning. It goes away when the car warms up. Need some help to see if anyone else has experience this problem? Some say its the pump and I heard that the screen in the reservoir needs cleaning. Guidance would be appreciated.
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