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Hello everyone, I recently bought a used Acura TSX 2005 and was quite surprised to find out that there is no way to connect AUX (ipod, android phone or audio wire) and looked up few websites to find out what are the possibilities. I found few but its really hard to decide the best combination with so many options. I would really appreciate if someone can point me towards the best option(s) (if there are more than one), here are my requirements :

Acura TSX 2005 with Navigation (CD changer, Navigation & XM are installed)

1) Add an AUX input for [ iPhone 6, Android phone ] OR [ iPhone 6, 3.5mm Audio Input ]
2) Add camera (with night vision) for reverse and the video for that should show up on existing screen (navigation screen)
3) Able to play videos from [ iPhone 6 / Android phone ] over the existing screen (this can be the same as 1 or separate)

If someone knows any mechanic or person who can help me in bay area for above request that would be great as well.

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