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was browsing & found this forum, I have a vigor that is parked & I have an unusual question.

the vigor was owned by a friend, he crashed it drunk, & tore up passenger side doors, & rear quarter, I traded him a junked ranger 4wd for it. which he fixed up enought to drive.

my question is, I am wanting to build a ratrod, & love the look of the vigor engine, does anyone know if any adapters are made that will fit so it could be used in a RWD application. if bellhousing is common with Honda? is there anything that can be adapted easily? I can handle the rest, or should be able to, but I dont want to spend lots of money to have an adapter custom made, but if something is already on market relatively affordable.....

I had 2 machinist friends that could have made something for me, but both have quit jobs, both were 20+ year machinists, 1 now is a truck driver, the other does aiconditioning, heating repair, & neither have access to any tooling.

1 have 1 friend wants it to power his sawmill. I would hate to see it wind up like that, it is too cool looking, he has a 4 cylinder engine presently thats very weak. it came out of a fwd Toyota, but I dont remember what, but he made it fit & work, & he figures the 5 cylinder wouldnt bog as bad.

if it cant be adapted easily, I dont see spending money to rebuild car, & will probably part it out in future, & engine will probably go to friend with sawmill.

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