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Hi guys, I currently own a 2005 base rsx.
Car is running great and I love it so far.

I've been messing with the audio system because the original (well aftermarket head unit) that came with the car is a bit glitchy. The touch screen works, but the screen is damaged or at least the output image is damaged.
So the head unit has a few menu screens, one would be for entertainment and the 2nd menu would be a gps/nav menu. The nav menu works and it displays onto the screen. I thought it was strange and yknow I thought something
with the head unit is damaged so I decided to get rid of it and install my android tablet. When I disassemble the head unit I notice that the original owner wired the head unit cable into the original harness. I decided to remove it and reinstall the original harness. One problem with reinstalling the harness was that I notice there was one extra wire hanging. It was very thin and appeared to be red with white strips. There was not anymore wires for me to attach it to so I left it out. So I got the harness attachment for aftermarket head-unit and wire the cables accordingly. The dac I am using has two channels so I pair the cables up. Right front + right rear, left front + left rear. I twist the cables together then proceed to twist them to the harness making its in positive and negative. Everything is connected and the sound works! But the problem is that the volume is not loud at all and the bass doesn't hit hard.

Im not sure what the problem is, but Ill list the things I bought.

reverse wiring harness
wiring harness
rca to audio jack

I will reinstall the old headunit to test if it still works.

Thanks for taking your time to read this
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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