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About two months ago I was rear-ended at a red light, also pushing me into the car in front of me. Before the accident my steering was dead on. When I first started driving my RL afterward, it had a very large pull to the side. Last week I got it back from the shop, they replaced the right rear suspension linkage and did an alignment. It's driving much better, but there's still a slight pull to the right. After the alignment one value was still out of tolerance, the shop owner said the bolts were too rusted for them to adjust it.

My questions:

Could that value be causing the pull to the right I'm getting? If so, any recommendations on what can be done to fix it?

Should this be something covered by insurance along with the initial repairs?

Even though it's not that much of a pull, I know over time it will start to aggravate me, so I'd like to get it fixed ASAP if it's not too expensive or time consuming.

Attached are the alignment results I was given:
Photo Jul 21, 16 35 49.jpg

Edit: After my first full fill-up, it also looks like my MPG dropped about 15%, and I can't see anything else having changed to give that kind of a drop. Any advice?
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