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This is an update on what sypder did...
1) Acuraworld is a family forum :grouphug:, so no offensive language, nudity, or flaming. Any offenses will be handled by a Moderator or Admin. This does mean you could be banned from the site :nono: If you encounter a voilation of these nature report the post to a Moderator.

2) We're here to help you so don't be affraid to ask questions. If you use Acuraworld's search engine most questions have been answered and may speed up the process of finding your answer.

3) When creating a new thread, please avoid broad subject lines (i.e. I NEED HELP!) or long subject lines (i.e. I JUST INSTALLED NEW SPARK PLUGS AND NOW MY TEG WON'T START WHEN I TRIED TO START IT AFTER A FEW HOURS) - Keep your subjects short and sweet :thumbsup:

4) Please do not double post; double posting is what some people do so people will see their posts. We will have to delete every post other than the first post. So, please don't do it.

5) No spamming or Off Topic posting, this is the Integra Forum... Please talk only about Integras.

6) Do NOT! post about street racing or illegal racing. Offical and supervised racing posts (*exp. Auto-X) is acceptable.

7) Please do not post requests for CAR-FAX reports.

8) Please do not post requests seeking Radio Codes - these can only be provided by your local Acura Dealer; provided proof of ownership. Once you get your radio code it is highly suggested to WRITE IT DOWN.

9) Most importantly! Have Fun and Welcome To Acuraworld :beerchug:
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Q: How do I reset the maintenance light?
A: Turn the key switch to the "ON" position, reach under your dash, just right above the gas pedal and feel around for a button - this is the infamous reset button to the maintenance light... push and hold the button in, until the Maintenance light turns off.

Q: I hear a clicking noise coming from my car, especially when i turn.
A: More than likely the driverside CV-Joint has failed, Replacement required

Q: On my 90-93 Integra my passanger side floor leaks.
A: After many years on the road the seals in that the screws go into on the bottom of the windshield (under the hood, not cabin) get dry rotted and require replacement. The plastic seals are available from the dealership: qty 8 of part number 91608-SJ6-003.

Q: Does my car have a V-Tec engine?
A: The easiest way to tell is look at the valve cover, if it doesn't say "V-Tec" then you don't. The only motors that Integra came stock with that are V-Tec are: B17, B18C1, & B18C5

Q: My trunk leaks water, but i don't see any leak.
A: Most of the time the leak is due to a faulty taillight gasket. The odds of this being the reason are increased when you use the gasket from the Altezza taillight swap instead of the O.E.M from the dealership

Q: My idle bounces or surges.
A: In the 2nd gen (90-93) the problem could be due to two things: One being that you have a vacuum leak due to the FITV screw or the IACV clogged. If so look at the DIY section for the 90-93 Integra for detailed fix. It could also be the distributor rotor and cap faulty and that fix just requires new cap and rotor. If you have a 3rd gen then its likely you have a vacuum leak.

Q: I'm looking for information on LS/Vtec.
A: LS/Vtec is a unstable pair up unless done right. May people have successfuly paired up a LS block with a Vtec head many times. Make sure you do your research before attempting this swap. Some help information can be found here: LS/VTEC INFO

Q: I Don't understand some of the abreviations used
FITV = Fast Idle Thermo Valve
IACV = Idle Air Control Valve
IM = Intake Maniflod
TB = Throttle Body
I/H/E = Intake/Headers/Exhaust
ECU or ECM = Engine Control Unit or Electronic Computer Management
FI = Forced Induction
N/A = Naturally Aspired
PS = Power Steering
SRI = Short Ram Intake
CAI = Cold Air Intake

Integra TSB's

Integra TSB's
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