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Hey everyone! My name's Bronson and I'm from Hawaii. I've been interested in Acuras for quite awhile but being that I'm a full time college student, raising a 2 year old and only working a part time job, I haven't been able to afford one.

I currently own a 1999 four door civic EX and 2010 Subaru Forester XT. I'm definitely familiar with Honda's and would love to start learning about the luxury side of their company.
I'm hoping to someday do a full Acura EL conversion on my civic from the inside out but for now, I've just gotta dream lol.

Some of the thing's I've done to my civic so far are:
-Tein flex coilovers
-Powdercoated HX rims
-OEM Vi-RS front and rear lip
-OEM fog lights
-Tenzo short shifter
-EDM MB6 civic headlight washers
-OEM sidemarkers
-OEM window visors
-EGR rear visor
-OEM Vi-RS spoiler
-AEM intake
-DC Sport headers
-Skunk2 resonated test pipe
-Blox rear LCA's
-Beaks lower tie bar
-ASR subframe brace
-Si front and rear sway bars
...And a few other mods.

I would upload a pic but I'm the only human being on the planet that isn't in possession of a digital camera lol. I'll take care of that soon.
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