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The all-new 2012 Honda Civic is getting closer to its introduction in 2011, and with each passing day our spies continue to find more evidence that the Japanese automaker is hard at work testing several variants of its popular compact car.

The most recent spy shots show the new coupe design for the 1st time ever, with an added twist as well: this is the high-performance Si model! At 1st glance our spies figured they had just captured the 1st-ever shots of the standard Civic Coupe model, but upon closer inspection, it became obvious that this was in fact the range-topping, performance-minded Si trim level.

Another key feature is the obvious use of large rear disc brakes, something that was not used on the standard Civic for the outgoing model. The spy shots we have acquired of the latest sedan in testing used wheels that hid the rear brakes, so at this time we can’t confirm whether or not rear disc will be used across the lineup.

When examining the interior shot which revealed the uncovered seats, we noticed unique red striping on the seats along with substantial bolstering and the tell-tale “Si” badging being covered by a piece of black vinyl. This confirms that Honda is intending to continue to the tradition of the Si model, and may possibly include the Si model in the lineup available at launch.

Also revealed in these shots is the front fascia, which seems to borrow heavily from the more pointed design previously used on the now discontinued Acura RSX. Unlike the RSX, however, this coupe seems to have a much larger lower grille opening, possibly for the increased necessity for airflow to the engine.

The overall shape of the car appears to be very much the same as the outgoing model, although the doors have clearly received a new style – just like the 4-door variant.

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