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The other day I started my car, drove down the street and my XM kept cutting out, (like it would if I was driving through an area with trees, except there are none in the area). Then, after about 10 minutes the car stuttered/momentary stall, and all the dash lights came on, the dials went to zero, but the car instantly restarted but the power steering light remained on for about a minute (and the steering felt noticeably stiff), then it too reset. All was fine, until the next day, and it all happened again except this time after all the dash lights came went off, then came back to life, I had to reenter my Security Code into the infotainment system (just like what happens when the battery is changed). I was driving about 10 mph when the XM went out, just starting from a traffic light when the engine stuttered, I was going about 50 when it happened the next day. No bumps in the road. Then I was returning from the airport earlier this week, driving about 75mph and it happened again.

I took the car to my mechanic and they looked at the OBDII codes but found nothing, tested the battery, checked cables and alternator output. Nothing was found.

Then last night another XM radio episode. In fact, I would say it has happened about 8 times now over the last 3 weeks, and only one time did I have to actually turn the start knob. I have had to reenter the infotainment security code 3 times, and only twice have I had problems with the XM.

It appears to be an electrical issue, and given the XM radio issue and the stalling started about the same time it must be related somehow, but I am stumped.

  • I don't understand why the XM cuts in and out, if everything else continues to run. I tried to listen to an FM station to see if I was having the problem with it (is it XM or the amp?? but can't tell yet).
  • I don't think it is a loose wire because it has nothing to do with bumps and seems to correct itself.
  • It's not the battery, not a battery cable, and the car starts reliably.

Ideas, suggestions??
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