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Hi everyone! As an introduction I recently purchased a 2008 Acura TL with 80k on the odometer. I got a good deal and the car was in an impeccable condition. My first car was the Acura EL (Canadian car) and I kept it for nearly 10 years. I am fairly comfortable with doing mechanical work by myself so I always fixed whatever issues came along the way incl. shocks, brakes, radiator, condenser, compressor etc.

I finally decided on the EL's 300k birthday that I will get a bigger car with decent amount of power so I went with this TL.

This new car runs like a dream. It is smooth, no rattles, suspension noises or weird engine or transmission problems that I can sense. The only issue I have is that the car constantly emits this strange whining noise as if I am driving on a concrete pavement. (Kind of like a super charger whine?) This noise is no way related to the car's throttle. Car gives off this noise if I have my foot on the gas or not. The noise starts at around 50 kph when it is the loudest and I can feel a very faint vibration in the floor mat and then becomes less but constant all the way to a tested 140 kph.

Here is an audio sample.

I am wondering what this could possibly be. Bad tires? They really don't have much tread left. I can try rotating them of this is diagnosed as a tire problem. Perhaps it is a wheel balancing problem? Could it a bearing problem? I know my EL had a bearing problem that gave off a similar noise.

The car is butter smooth otherwise. No stability issues, no vibrations in the steering wheel or anything of that sort.

Please advise. It is greatly appreciated.
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