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I will be leasing a new Acura 2014 MDX. I normally drive around 12K miles per year. Hence, I am planning to get a 36mo lease with a 12K annual mileage limit.

However, the dealer advised me to save money and get a lease with only 10K annual miles. I have been advised to choose this option, because the MDX will likely be worth more than the residual value at the end of the lease. Hence, I can simply sell the car for more than the payoff value. I'm not sure how comfortable I feel with this.

Is there a good chance that the 2014 Acura MDX will be worth more than the residual value at the end of a 36 month lease?

Any advice on this?


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My chevy dealer suggested I get the Tahoe with the Diesel. $3500 option. Went to sell it, offered me less on my trade because of that option. Hmmm. Neighbor has a new lexus in the driveway, It looks like baby poo brown. I hope he got it for free, because that will be impossible to resell.
My 2007 MDX, and at the time it was the new body style, it was almost impossible to get anything lower than suggested. I being the keen negotiator, secured $1200 off. All my fellow new MDX owners were impressed. Fast forward to the 2008 crash. The MDX was the whale of the Acura fleet. They were advertising 8500 off, I had one friend get 14000 off.
If you want a more current offer reminder, 2013 mdx's in august were 10,000 off list.
To me, it would highly unlikely that any car would be worth more than residual. All premium manufactures think their car is better value. How can they not?
Do what you want, but you make the choice. Don't listen to the dealer/salesman. He/she has a financial reason for suggesting it. Take a look at the residuals of 2011 MDX's coming back right now. That will give you an indication of what you should do.
As above, 10,000 off will foul up any residual value. I'm not guessing that, just happened.
Hey- don't buy one in canada. Top of the line is 65,990 plus 13% tax, ya'lls top of the line on the site is 56,505 plus you 5-10% tax depending on your state.
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