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Charles Gilley checking in from the northern Atlanta, GA area, I'm the proud partial owner of a 2003 3.2 Sport (halvsies with my daughter). She wanted black...

Obsessions? I suppose work- I'm an engineer (electrical kind, not the choo choo) and I love what I do working for myself. Hmmm, that's not an obsession - I have a dream of annual being on a beach in the Caribbean doing nothing but watching waves and killing brain cells.

School - always learning but done with that longer you have been alive.

Okay, the car. I needed a car with an automatic for the last 3 kids to drive. My daily driver is a 2002 Maxima 6 speed. For some reason, my kids fear the clutch...:sqnteek: So, after one daughter managed to total our minivan (no big deal, it didn't take much), I had to go shopping for new wheels. Came across this sweet 2003 with 117K on it, locally owned, regular maintenance at a Roswell dealership. Lots of airbags, ABS, etc - just a good all around car for learning to drive, etc.

My eldest son, seeing the car I bought, uttered the curse - "Here comes the tranny problems..." See first post :)
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