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Hello all. I just bought my first ever Honda product last Friday when I picked up a 2005 Acura TL with a little over 84,000 miles. I was leasing a 2010 Altima, which I traded in. I loved the quietness and smoothness of the Altima, but the horsepower in the 4-cyclinder was seriously lacking, so I am loving that in the TL. The ride, handling and road noise of the TL not so much. Unfortunately the Acura does not appear to need new tires, but the road noise is bad enough I'm considering them anyways. Can anybody recommend some good all weather tires that will improve handling and reduce road noise? Also, so far it seems fairly impossible to hold a tight, steady turn going around curves with the Acura because the steering wheel seems to move a lot. Is that normal for this car or should I get it looked at?
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