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I just picked up a 2000 Tl, with a 5 speed automatic for my wife, and want to replace the transmission fluid in it before she uses it as her daily driver.

The guy I bought if from only had it for a couple of months (he buys, repairs and sells cars out of his impressive home garage one at a time as a hobby) He told me that he changed the transmission fluid, but couldn't remember what he used.... says he bought what ever the local parts store said the computer calls for. I know it wasn't "Acura" Z-1.... there isn't an Acura Dealer within 80 miles of us, and I have to assume he used the cheapest stuff on the shelf.

What is the best ATF to use in this car? Should I go to the parts department at the local Honda Store? Or is there something better than Z-1 out there that I can find somewhere like CarQuest, Napa, or Bennett?
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