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Tough decision...
The Alpine 7897 (

Key Features
• 50W x 4 MOSFET Amplifier
• Bass Engine® Pro
• Media Xpander™
• 6-Channel Digital Time Correction
• 6-Position 12dB/Octave Crossover
• Subwoofer Level Control with Phase Selector
• 5-Band Parametric EQ
• XM Satellite Radio Ready
• MP3, CD-R/RW Playback
• Versatile-Link™ Ready
• KCA-410C Multi-Versatile Link Terminal Compatible
• MaxTune SQ Tuner
• Regulated 1Bit DAC
• 4 Volt Subwoofer PreOut
• 3 PreOuts
• FantomFace XL Mechanism
• RUE-4187 Wireless Remote Control Included

And the Eclipse 5442 (

•ESN (ECLIPSE Security Network)
•High-Voltage (5V) & Low-Impedance (100) Output
•Smart Electronics Control
•The ECLIPSE Memory Buffer
•High-Sensitivity Integrated Optics Pickup Unit
•CD-R/CD-RW Compatible
•24 Station Presets (18FM/6AM) & Preset Scan
•3 Pairs of RCA Pre-Amp Outputs
•Whole/Partial/None Display Selector
•Bass/Treble Memory for Each Source
•Non-Fading RCA Pre-Out Terminals for Subwoofer
•Electronic Crossover Control
•Flexible On-Board Memory
•Intelligent NOB & NOB Rotary Encoder
•Customizable Messages
•Auxiliary Input
•Head Unit Dimmer Setting
•2-Channel Selectable (IN/OUT) RCA Terminals for DSP Loop
•13W x 4 (20-20,000Hz, 0.8% THD, 4)
•ECLIPSE LAN Advanced Data Link System

Personally my vote goes to the Alpine CD 7897...even though it means you'll wait a little while. I think it looks nicer in person, has a brighter display (you can see better in glare), and the two most important things, to me at least, it is much more powerful and has XM radio capability. Now the power may not matter if you're driving your components with aftermarket stuff...but if you're not take a look at that. I believe the Eclipse doesn't play mp3's, while the Alpine does...which, if you listen to mp3's, you may want. And well...if you're getting XM radio you have to get the latter pretty much. Honestly I really like both the Alpine and the Eclipse...and I believe that Alpine will run you a bit more, but I think it's worth it...aside from that they both have similar traits. You looked at Panasonic, Clarion, and Pioneer?'re running an Alpine 5 channel amp eh? So the power's not an issue. You shouldn't have a problem pushing the two ways...are they XR650CS's? Because you want to preferably run at least 100W @ 4 ohms into those, less is fine...but I'd say 50W output around 100. Let me know if you need anything else bud,


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I am running 4 JL tr650cx speakers, their 6.5" in the doors and I know it's not the best, but I didn't want to spend too much, they are fine for what I listen too and much better than the stock ones. That's why I am going Alpine 5 channel amp, roughly 40 watts per channel at 4 ohm. I got it because it was a good price at the time.

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Hey Austin519

How about the Alpine CDA-7998, I guess you would still go Alpine?

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Yes I would still go Alpine. And the TR650CX's should be alright at 40W, a little more would be better but 40W is alright. If you got it cheap then it doesn't matter :).

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