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Iron Man gave up his trademark R8 for an Acura NSX droptop in The Avengers, and it looks like Audi feels bitter about it. Why else would they diss the fictional character's ride on Twitter?

Ignoring the fact that Tony Stark may be switching to Bugatti for Iron Man 3, The official @Audi account wrote this tweet today.

It's ironic then that Tony Stark gave up this - - for vaporware.‪#WantAnR8‬

It looks like Audi got the idea from car tester Dan Edmunds, retweeting a similar tweet from him before composing their own.

For any other company we'd say that this tweet would be taken down in no time. Audi has a history of feisty advertising, though, having gotten into a billboard war with BMW back in 2009. Maybe this insult won't get deleted in a bit of corporate whitewashing.
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