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Despite twelve months of praise that some would say makes the AutoGuide staff cross the line from being auto critics to fanboys, we weren’t initially sold on the Scion FR-S, even after driving it.

For starters, while hype was high, our expectations were low. It’s a Toyota, so how much fun could it possibly be, we mused?

To which hype-defenders would retort; “yea, well, Toyota built the Supra.” A large and monstrously powerful machine, it’s earned a reputation for high-speed runs and drag racing, not on carving twisty canyon roads, the auto-cross course or nailing apexes at your local track.

“What about the MR2,” they’d say? Good point, but have you ever heard the rumor it was designed by Lotus?

Toyota hasn’t build a sports car in so long they didn’t even have the skilled personnel to do it. So it was engineered and manufactured by Subaru. Any praise it might earn, therefore, might best belong to the Subie folks.

And then we drove it. Or should I say, I drove it. Flying to Japan to be one of a the first of a handful of people outside Toyota to get behind the wheel.

More: 2013 Car of the Year Nominee: Scion FR-S on

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