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I'm a newby--a first-time Acura owner. My previous cars were BMW 3-series vehicles, but now that I'm remarried I needed a car that my spouse and I would both be more comfortable driving and riding in. Since my new wife's car is a 2014 Honda CRV, this new RDX is much more familiar territory for her.

Perusing the owner's manual, I noticed it was less than clear--silent, actually--on the fact that when the Automatic Climate Control is set to the Auto setting, the air conditioning is on by default. You have to touch the A/C button to turn it off. When you do this, the climate control will keep the Auto settings except that the air conditioning will no longer operate.

Now, this may be "obvious," but I suspect that many do not realize that in the default Auto setting the air conditioning stays on even with wintertime outside temperatures down well below freezing. This is the same as it was with the Auto settings of the climate control on all the BMWs I previously owned. With the car idling, you can hear the air conditioning cycling on and off if you get out of the car and stand next to it in your driveway, for example.

If you want to get a bit better gas mileage and better acceleration from the engine, turn the A/C off when you don't need it to cool the cabin. This makes an easily perceptible difference in performance even with an engine like that in the 2016 RDX. Believe me, it is also quite noticeable on the 300 hp engines in the BMW 3-series vehicles I owned, so Acura owners need not feel like the car is unusual or "underpowered" in any respect.
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